26th July 2017

Value Added Services

Fee Protection

HMRC aims to raise £24.5bn this year through aggressive compliance activity, including tax investigations. The costs of an enquiry can, and do run into thousands of pounds.

Our tax investigation package offers businesses and individual’s protection to ensure that in the event of an HMRC enquiry all your professional fees are provided for.

Our fee protection package offers:

  • Up to £75,000 of accountancy fees
  • Full representation to HMRC on your behalf including attending 1-1 meetings.
  • Comfort and peace of mind that we will fiercely defend any enquiry into you or your business.

The risk of an HMRC enquiry is a reality. Subscribe and have peace of mind that if you are targeted by HMRC you know you are covered.

Patent Box

The Patent Box provides a reduced rate of corporation tax for companies exploiting patented inventions or certain other innovations protected by particular intellectual property rights.

The reduced rate of tax is given by providing an additional deduction in the corporation tax computation. To minimise administrative costs, Patent Box profits for many claims can be calculated using a formulaic approach which is intended to identify, in most circumstances, a reasonable figure for profit derived from the patent.

You could benefit if:

  • Your company is liable to Corporation tax and makes a profit from exploiting patented inventions.
  • Your company also own or exclusively license-in the patents and has undertaken qualifying development on them.
  • Your company is a member of a group; it may also qualify if another company in the group has undertaken the qualifying development.

There are a number of detailed conditions and qualifying criteria within the scheme. We will be happy to discuss this matter in more detail.

Research & Development Tax Relief Claims

The Research and Development Claim to HMRC is a challenging process.  We make the process practical. We prepare the claim on your behalf and then help you set up a system that will capture your R&D spend into the future.

Defining R&D for tax purposes can produce some surprising results. Many businesses are involved in R&D, and the relief is by no means restricted to the hi-tech and pharmaceutical industries. Many companies are claiming R&D tax benefits successfully, but many others either do not realise that they have eligible projects, worry that the claim process is too onerous and costly or, most commonly, ‘package’ the R&D claim as part of their wider tax and accounting matters without ensuring that the full potential is realised.

The financial benefits of the scheme can be substantial and for companies involved in certain projects, the scope of their eligibility for R&D tax incentives warrants special attention.

Whether yours is a manufacturing, engineering, hi-tech or any other technology-based company, it is highly likely that you will have eligible work.

Status & CIS Protection

HMRC continues to target freelancers under the IR35 legislation and talking false self-employment is high on HMRC’s agenda.

Services include:

  • Opinions on IR35 status
  • Contract writing
  • Tax loss insurance
  • NIC losses insurance
  • Status investigation
  • CIS Force package

We give a full advisory service for self-employed, agency worker and umbrella companies.

Funding Advice

Help could be at hand from the government if your company is finding it hard to fully fund the R&D required to develop a ground-breaking process or a radical idea.

Since 2001 the UK government has promoted R&D in SME’s using the SMART scheme (previously the Grant for Research and Development), with the aim of developing technologically innovative products and processes.

SMART has recently been re-launched on a national basis, having previously been administered by the Regional Development Agencies. They are now administered by the Technology Strategy Board.

There are three different types of project for which a grant can be awarded.  We can identify which grants are applicable for you.